In Which I Read IMAGINARY GIRLS for the Last (?) Time, Finish My Book, and Recover from Writer Space Camp

I got back from the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop in Laramie, Wyoming, on Sunday night, where I learned so many things, met some great people, and where my laptop broke (sob! more on that in a moment). The first day I was home, on Monday, I was rewarded with my copyedits for 17 & Gone!Continue reading “In Which I Read IMAGINARY GIRLS for the Last (?) Time, Finish My Book, and Recover from Writer Space Camp”

Connections and Disconnections

I’ve been away at the residency in the gorgeous California mountains for four weeks as of today—and I leave for the flight home on Thursday. I got some good work done here (one piece in particular is especially exciting… E knows what piece I mean), much of which will need to be continued once IContinue reading “Connections and Disconnections”

Appreciating Where I Am

I’ve been looking around lately at where I am, I think because I know I’m leaving soon. (I’ll be away for a month-long stay at an artists colony in the California mountains—and I leave in March!) I didn’t grow up here in New York City, but I’ve always been drawn to this city. Really IContinue reading “Appreciating Where I Am”

Friday Five (randomly I have 5 things to say on a Friday)

1. The NYC Teen Author Reading Night was awesome. This Wednesday was my first time being involved in the NYC Teen Author Reading series at the New York Public Library as an actual author. I wore blue. I read a piece from Imaginary Girls, adapted from the middle of chapter one. We were told byContinue reading “Friday Five (randomly I have 5 things to say on a Friday)”

Reading My Book in My Neighborhood Library

I have a favorite branch of the New York Public Library in Manhattan: the Jefferson Market branch on Sixth Avenue in the Village. I love the winding stone stairway, the high ceilings, the cool and airy rooms, and of course the selection of books. They have a great fiction section and a wonderful YA room.Continue reading “Reading My Book in My Neighborhood Library”

Dear Australia: Your Very Own Edition of IMAGINARY GIRLS Is Out Today!

I’m here looking at a world clock and, you know what? In some parts of Australia it’s already Friday, July 1. Well… mostly everyone’s asleep now, but still… This means that the ANZ edition of Imaginary Girls is officially on sale TODAY! (When you wake up.) Yay! This is my first and only foreign sale—ever,Continue reading “Dear Australia: Your Very Own Edition of IMAGINARY GIRLS Is Out Today!”

Interrupting Blog Tour Announcements to Apologize & Mention Some Upcoming Events

First, I have to say this: I’m sorry. I’m sorry to my regular blog readers who have zero interest that my book that came out last week and don’t want to keep hearing me talk about it. I’ll be posting the location of my blog tour guest post every weekday through July 1, and IContinue reading “Interrupting Blog Tour Announcements to Apologize & Mention Some Upcoming Events”

How’d the Reading Go, You Wonder?

So I mentioned that I’d be reading from Imaginary Girls for the first time out in public this week. Are you wondering how it went? The day of the This Week in New York 10th Anniversary Party was a thunderous downpour of rain. I joked that it was very fitting to my novel that theContinue reading “How’d the Reading Go, You Wonder?”

Writing Here, Writing There, Writing Everywhere

When I was away at the MacDowell Colony—a perfect place to write if there ever was one—I found myself asking where everyone else wrote. In real life. I was so curious about other people’s usual writing spaces because writing in this… …sure isn’t my usual reality. (That little cottage was my studio! All my own!)Continue reading “Writing Here, Writing There, Writing Everywhere”