Ice-skating through the Woods at Midnight

I’m melancholy. My time here is coming to its inevitable end, as you can’t stay at an artists colony forever, though there’s always that urban legend of the artist who chained himself to his studio so they wouldn’t make him leave, which I think many of us can relate to. I should say, in myContinue reading “Ice-skating through the Woods at Midnight”

What a City Writer Does When Given Some Peace and Quiet

I’m used to writing in the city. I write with people around me, always. I’ll write in the mornings in my favorite café, people talking, music blaring, my own headphones jammed in my ears to focus my own soundscape but all the rest still filtering through. I’ll write in the daytime at my writing space,Continue reading “What a City Writer Does When Given Some Peace and Quiet”

What in the World Happened to the Writer of This Blog?

I will tell you: She was writing. Wow, was she writing. But she’s back now—I am, me—and this is what’s on my mind: The Lit Auction to help a writer fight cancer without health insurance is in its final wave—and you can still bid on manuscript critiques from YA author Nina LaCour (who wrote oneContinue reading “What in the World Happened to the Writer of This Blog?”

How to Crush the Blahs

How do I say this? I’ve been silent for a while because I haven’t had the words to talk about it… But truth is, I’ve been having a tough summer. There. I said it. Things are not all rosy and perfect after diving into writing full-time + wonderful new book deal. How is this possible?Continue reading “How to Crush the Blahs”

The Dream and the Hard Work

Revising. Making my plot race, my words sing. No matter how hard this is, there isn’t anything I’d rather be in life. A writer, I mean. I’ve become very one-note when it comes to my aspirations. It’s all I want. It’s all I want to do. I want things for other people, too. I wantContinue reading “The Dream and the Hard Work”

Unruly Novels and Bad Tattoos

My novel and I had a very nice weekend, mostly. We worked through some plot changes together, I told her she was pretty, she revealed she still has feelings for me, and then just when I thought we were rolling she slipped out of my hands and ran off screaming and hollering through the roomContinue reading “Unruly Novels and Bad Tattoos”

Where I Write, Revealed on the Huffington Post

Do you ever wonder where writers write? Kitchen table, comfy couch, noisy café, tidy office, mattress in the backyard under a beach umbrella? (I am now curious if I know any writers who write on a mattress in the backyard under a beach umbrella. If so, do reveal yourself!) Well, the writer Allison K. GibsonContinue reading “Where I Write, Revealed on the Huffington Post”

Danger: Writer in Supermarket

I’m deep into revisions for my novel IMAGINARY GIRLS (don’t hold me to the title) and I am apparently a danger to myself and those around me. I wandered the supermarket aisle of my local Gristedes last night in search of tomato sauce and bread, juggling baby tomatoes and blueberries, both of which were notContinue reading “Danger: Writer in Supermarket”

Last Day at the Writers Colony: What I Did, What I Have, and What I Miss

For my posts about being away at the writers colony all month, see here for week 1, week 2, and week 3. This is now the end of my last week; today is my final day. A cab will soon be arriving to take me away to the train station. I still, um, have toContinue reading “Last Day at the Writers Colony: What I Did, What I Have, and What I Miss”