My Civic Duty and How It Involves Dim Sum

Jury Duty in Manhattan isn’t all hardship. The courthouse I was in today was steps away from Chinatown, which to my mind means one thing and one thing only: vegetarian dim sum! (How could I not take advantage during lunch break and search out the place I always have trouble finding in order to haveContinue reading “My Civic Duty and How It Involves Dim Sum”

Writing Spot on Lockdown

My weekend writing spot (a members-only organization in Manhattan) has a lot of rules: No talking in the room. No slamming doors. No hogging bathroom keys. No swiping magazines. No leaving desk unattended for more than an hour. No leaving dirty dishes in the sink. No leaving the coffeepot empty. No leaving food in fridgeContinue reading “Writing Spot on Lockdown”

Stabs at a Writing Life

I’m not thinking about much else but writing these days. Only, I’ve been exhausted—and here I type this with a headache—probably because I’m trying to push myself so hard. I am under deadline with a freelance writing project—and I am behind, very behind—and the day job is cutting into my time. I try to writeContinue reading “Stabs at a Writing Life”

Older, Slightly Wiser, and Stuffed Full of Blueberry Pancakes

I am one year older today. All the things I’d wanted to accomplish this year didn’t happen, but I’m not beating myself up over them. I thought last year might be “my year”—but now that I’ve been through it, I can tell you it wasn’t. I’m not down about it, though. I think it helpsContinue reading “Older, Slightly Wiser, and Stuffed Full of Blueberry Pancakes”

A Barely There Summary of AWP Day 3

To anyone who hasn’t attended this conference before: if you decide to stop reading now so I don’t exhaust you with the summary of my last day—I’m exhausted enough, no use passing it on to anybody else—just know this conference is most definitely worth it. Not only am I glad I went, I would doContinue reading “A Barely There Summary of AWP Day 3”