Appreciating Where I Am

I’ve been looking around lately at where I am, I think because I know I’m leaving soon. (I’ll be away for a month-long stay at an artists colony in the California mountains—and I leave in March!) I didn’t grow up here in New York City, but I’ve always been drawn to this city. Really IContinue reading “Appreciating Where I Am”

A Moment of Feeling Free

First off, thank you to everyone who’s come here for the launch of the Turning Points blog series this week! Thank you for making Gayle Forman and Sean Ferrell feel welcome and commenting on their amazing, inspiring, and brilliant posts. (If you missed these two opening posts—oh but you can’t miss them!—please just ignore myContinue reading “A Moment of Feeling Free”

Time Travel, a New Year, and No Apologies

Happy New Year! I spent the first part of 2012 going back in time, rereading and making edits to a book I first conceived in 2007, and wrote in 2008, and saw published in 2009. Fade Out (aka Dani Noir with a new face and new changes to the insides) will be coming out thisContinue reading “Time Travel, a New Year, and No Apologies”

And the Year Ends and I’m Still Writing

The year is ending on a good note. Not that there’s any great news to report—I have no news, actually, I am utterly and entirely between bouts of news, since this is a quiet period of simply working hard and writing—but I’m ending the year with the knowledge that I’ve found it again. It­-it. MyContinue reading “And the Year Ends and I’m Still Writing”

The Year I Revised My Novel Seven Times

This is the post where I look back on this past year and see what I accomplished. And why not? If you don’t acknowledge what you’ve done to yourself, who will? First, let’s see where I started. Here’s how I began 2010. On January 1, 2010, I officially finished the first full draft of ImaginaryContinue reading “The Year I Revised My Novel Seven Times”

Want to Know a Secret?

…I love being edited. (Caveat: By a good editor. Better yet, by the right editor.) I love going in deep and teasing the meaning out. I love discussing possibilities. I love facing hard truths, really I do, if it makes the book better. What I love is when someone knows your characters and your storyContinue reading “Want to Know a Secret?”

The Month We’re All Writing Novels

I’m working on my novel now—yes, still—and, I have to say, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I’m at the tail end of this flu, and once my hellacious cough stops waking my neighbors and scaring small children, and once I don’t have to carry a box of tissues at my hip,Continue reading “The Month We’re All Writing Novels”

Sorry for the Radio Silence…

…I’m revising. Getting closer! If I don’t say anything for the rest of the month, be assured I am alive, I’m just still revising. I’ll tell you all about it after. (Or I’ll keep my secrets secret and just hope you like the book next summer.) p.s. I may not have words for a blogContinue reading “Sorry for the Radio Silence…”