Getting Ahead of Myself and Other Novel Fantasies

I wrote up something about Imaginary Girls this weekend… and reading over the final version yesterday got me so intensely excited about this book! Just beyond thrilled! I’m just so— CATCH YOUR BREATH AND FINISH YOUR REVISION. Sometimes I can’t help but leap ahead to Summer ’11. Sorry. I’ve never been this excited about aContinue reading “Getting Ahead of Myself and Other Novel Fantasies”

The Dream and the Hard Work

Revising. Making my plot race, my words sing. No matter how hard this is, there isn’t anything I’d rather be in life. A writer, I mean. I’ve become very one-note when it comes to my aspirations. It’s all I want. It’s all I want to do. I want things for other people, too. I wantContinue reading “The Dream and the Hard Work”

Revision Gratitude

Revision is not easy. No one ever said it was. I’m revising a novel right now, and I have high hopes. My edit letter has brought out a fire in me. Ideas are swirling. I see so much possibility for the book… But it’s hard work. I have such high hopes and such enormous intentionsContinue reading “Revision Gratitude”

Unruly Novels and Bad Tattoos

My novel and I had a very nice weekend, mostly. We worked through some plot changes together, I told her she was pretty, she revealed she still has feelings for me, and then just when I thought we were rolling she slipped out of my hands and ran off screaming and hollering through the roomContinue reading “Unruly Novels and Bad Tattoos”

Arrogance vs. Insecurity vs. How About a Smidge of Confidence?

I once wrote here about how I could use a confidence hat to put on while writing, and I’m afraid to find myself longing for such an easy fix again. The thing is, humility is good. Arrogant writers are not people I enjoy; I never want to be one, no matter how sure of myselfContinue reading “Arrogance vs. Insecurity vs. How About a Smidge of Confidence?”

Danger: Writer in Supermarket

I’m deep into revisions for my novel IMAGINARY GIRLS (don’t hold me to the title) and I am apparently a danger to myself and those around me. I wandered the supermarket aisle of my local Gristedes last night in search of tomato sauce and bread, juggling baby tomatoes and blueberries, both of which were notContinue reading “Danger: Writer in Supermarket”

Novel Confessions

Has anyone else had one of those catastrophic, apocalyptic dreams (mine, frighteningly, involved a city destroyed) and in the dream, during the panic, you’re running to safety and have no idea how you’ll stay alive or how you’ll get out and you think… you actually really think: Damn. The world’s ending and now my bookContinue reading “Novel Confessions”

Where Authors Live on Clouds and Sip Pomegranate Cocktails

There was something I found comforting when I was feeling intimidated at Yaddo and, for that matter, the Writers Room where I go to write now that I’m home again: Every day, no matter who you are and how many brilliant books you’ve given the world, you and I, we both begin at the sameContinue reading “Where Authors Live on Clouds and Sip Pomegranate Cocktails”

The End Has No End?

I’m working up some plot changes and new developments to the novel before I turn it in Feb. 1—nothing too drastic, just stuff I wholeheartedly think will make the thing better. I just called it the “thing”—I worked too long and hard to call what I’ve done a thing. But what is it? In noContinue reading “The End Has No End?”