Glug-Glug (That’s the Sound of Me Drowning)

This morning I successfully awoke when the alarm went off, and I successfully stayed awake in the crucial minutes immediately after when I am tempted, oh so tempted, to stumble into the living room and collapse for a quickie morning nap on the couch. I stayed awake, I think because reality was pulling on myContinue reading “Glug-Glug (That’s the Sound of Me Drowning)”

Something to Make Me Laugh

I came home to a rejection letter in the mailbox. This one to a short story. Which one, who knows, I haven’t checked yet. Anyway, it’s one of those tiny little slips, like they squeezed as many as they could onto one sheet of paper and cut it up again and again. The standard “ThankContinue reading “Something to Make Me Laugh”

To Do: No-Box

Another short story rejection came today. Just one of those thin photocopied slips without even a name on it. No return address on the envelope. (And they had this story 5+ months.) Whatever. At some point at some nameless future date when I feel more secure in my footing, I’ll put together a “No-Box” forContinue reading “To Do: No-Box”