The Teaching, the Inspiration, the Chupacabra, the Not-Writing

This has been my most public year, ever, in my life. It’s been wonderful… and it’s also been somewhat of an adjustment for a shy person like me. So much of 2015 has been about teaching. I really made this goal a priority to have better balance in my life—the ultimate goal was to getContinue reading “The Teaching, the Inspiration, the Chupacabra, the Not-Writing”

The Obligatory Old Year / New Year Post

I came home from my writing retreat right before the New Year. I can’t spend that night apart from E. Yaddo is a secretive place. I cannot post photos or give many details, but I can say I shared some inspiring conversations, laughed and learned many things, and slept with the light on because I sawContinue reading “The Obligatory Old Year / New Year Post”

Five Years After the Leap

About five years ago, I was under deadline to complete the first draft of a contracted novel and stressing the hell out over how I would finish on time while working my full-time job as a senior production editor at HarperCollins Children’s Books. I had somehow sold my novel on proposal and agreed to a deadlineContinue reading “Five Years After the Leap”

Writing in Retrospect and Talking in Front of People

This week I visited the Highlights Foundation in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, which is a retreat center for children’s and YA writers, to be a special guest speaker at a Whole Novel Workshop. My task was to do a lecture on something craft-related (my choice), something hopefully inspiring, and then the next day read from my upcomingContinue reading “Writing in Retrospect and Talking in Front of People”

The Two Weeks and the 43,258 Words

I am home now, from a stroke of good luck: a two-week “emergency residency” at the MacDowell Colony, a perfect artists’ colony in New Hampshire. I decided to do something different while there. Instead of my usual slow, plodding pace for writing a first draft of a novel, where I circle in on myself and revise as IContinue reading “The Two Weeks and the 43,258 Words”

A Gift from the Writing Gods: The Emergency Writing Cave

I am writing my book. I have been writing my book for months and months. My book—the first draft—is due November 1. I’ve tried to make it easier on myself this time around… I can’t tell you that’s working. Why? BECAUSE NO BOOK IS EASY TO WRITE WHAT WAS I THINKING. I went away andContinue reading “A Gift from the Writing Gods: The Emergency Writing Cave”

Writers Colony Diary: The Hambidge Center June 2013

Sometimes, when I’m writing and barred from Twitter and blogging and all manner of distracting things, I keep a journal in which I talk to myself. I did this while I was away for a short residency at the Hambidge Center in Georgia, and I wanted to share selected bits with you. Some of theContinue reading “Writers Colony Diary: The Hambidge Center June 2013”

Connections and Disconnections

I’ve been away at the residency in the gorgeous California mountains for four weeks as of today—and I leave for the flight home on Thursday. I got some good work done here (one piece in particular is especially exciting… E knows what piece I mean), much of which will need to be continued once IContinue reading “Connections and Disconnections”

Inside an Artist Colony

What happens at an artist colony? I keep getting asked this, and each one is different, but here at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program in the northern California mountains I’ll give you a small peek of what happens: You must apply to get in, and international artists of many disciplines can apply, so right nowContinue reading “Inside an Artist Colony”