My Muse at the Artist Colony

Today, I: Worked feverishly—and will continue to work—on something due in to my publisher this week. Attempted to cook myself tofu for lunch and dinner and set off the smoke detector in the house kitchen. Awesome. See? I can barely survive without Thai takeout. Finished the amazing new novel by my friend Cat Clarke: Torn,Continue reading “My Muse at the Artist Colony”

Appreciating Where I Am

I’ve been looking around lately at where I am, I think because I know I’m leaving soon. (I’ll be away for a month-long stay at an artists colony in the California mountains—and I leave in March!) I didn’t grow up here in New York City, but I’ve always been drawn to this city. Really IContinue reading “Appreciating Where I Am”

Finding What Works for Your Writing

I’ve been writing for years—decades; let’s not call attention to how old I am, shall we?—and after all these years of writing I’m beginning to see what works for me in order to get actual, solid work done… and what doesn’t. There are many things that don’t help me write, that, in fact, hurt myContinue reading “Finding What Works for Your Writing”

Saturday Randoms: the YA Debuts, the Resolution, the Artist Colony, the New Blog Series, and the You’ll-Have-to-Tear-These-Pages-from-My-Cold-Dead-Hands

It’s Saturday, and we just had a week’s worth of debut interviews and giveaways! Maybe I should clarify something while I have you here: Since this new series of YA debut interviews began this week, I’ve had many people contact me asking how to be a part of the next round of interviews (next comeContinue reading “Saturday Randoms: the YA Debuts, the Resolution, the Artist Colony, the New Blog Series, and the You’ll-Have-to-Tear-These-Pages-from-My-Cold-Dead-Hands”

The Title of My New Novel Revealed

For some time, if you’ve been reading this blog, you may have noticed that I’ve been hard at work on a secretive new novel. This was a novel that first started coming out of me when I was away from home, outside my real life. I still vividly remember writing its very first words (thenContinue reading “The Title of My New Novel Revealed”

What Scares ME? Time to Tell You

(Design & illustration by Robert Roxby) The book that terrified me when I was twelve years old isn’t a ghost story. It’s not a horror novel, either (though I did read all of my stepfather’s Stephen King novels—I basically read anything in the house that had words on it, including all my mom’s Atwood, Walker, Piercy,Continue reading “What Scares ME? Time to Tell You”

After the Writing Weekend

I went away this weekend to write. This was my view while writing one night: And this was an especially invigorating breakfast: Since I’m between deadlines—and thus lacking in panic, which actually helps me write—I kept switching between projects. One was in synopsis. One was in rough first draft. Decisions were made in both, theContinue reading “After the Writing Weekend”