The Book Isn’t Done Yet and the Delicious Panic Sets In

I have less than two weeks to finish the first draft of this new novel. I’m going to make it this time. I know there will be rounds of revision after this, so I really should let go and turn this in. But… yeah… I need the story to have an end first. While IContinue reading “The Book Isn’t Done Yet and the Delicious Panic Sets In”

Writing Here, Writing There, Writing Everywhere

When I was away at the MacDowell Colony—a perfect place to write if there ever was one—I found myself asking where everyone else wrote. In real life. I was so curious about other people’s usual writing spaces because writing in this… …sure isn’t my usual reality. (That little cottage was my studio! All my own!)Continue reading “Writing Here, Writing There, Writing Everywhere”

Ice-skating through the Woods at Midnight

I’m melancholy. My time here is coming to its inevitable end, as you can’t stay at an artists colony forever, though there’s always that urban legend of the artist who chained himself to his studio so they wouldn’t make him leave, which I think many of us can relate to. I should say, in myContinue reading “Ice-skating through the Woods at Midnight”

Dispatch from the Writing Tent

I’m going to have to take down my writing tent in six days and I’m already well aware of time leaking away from me. Today I’ve had trouble focusing, though a lot can be accomplished in six days, because I’m thinking of all I want and need to do once I get home. I needContinue reading “Dispatch from the Writing Tent”

What a City Writer Does When Given Some Peace and Quiet

I’m used to writing in the city. I write with people around me, always. I’ll write in the mornings in my favorite café, people talking, music blaring, my own headphones jammed in my ears to focus my own soundscape but all the rest still filtering through. I’ll write in the daytime at my writing space,Continue reading “What a City Writer Does When Given Some Peace and Quiet”

My Greatest Accomplishment So Far This Year

It’s the first month of 2011 and I have to tell you what I’ve done. Something amazing. I’m here at the artist colony—yes, it’s a great gift and an achievement to be here, but that’s not what I want to tell you about. I did something rather phenomenal this morning that I want to announceContinue reading “My Greatest Accomplishment So Far This Year”

Where I’m Hiding and What I’m Doing Here

In a surreal bit of perfect coincidence, the week after the ARCs (advance readers copies) of Imaginary Girls were released into the wild I had the opportunity to go into hiding. It helps with the nerves, hiding here. It helps me from being tempted to look at Goodreads—which I am trying to avoid this timeContinue reading “Where I’m Hiding and What I’m Doing Here”