My First Twitterless Morning

What’s going on? I’m on Twitter Break Nov. 1-7. To hear my original confession and Twitter-free vow (and to join me if you feel you need to), see this daring announcement. And check out Suz’s post. As she says: Would you like to join this Twittercation? Do it! You can! I know you’re strong enough.Continue reading “My First Twitterless Morning”

Delicious and Deadly Distractions

I’d like to design myself a web page that my browser automatically goes to when I’m trying to write but am attempting to visit any page that is not Pandora (which contains my own personal radio station for writing, so I think I should be allowed to keep going to it). The web page wouldContinue reading “Delicious and Deadly Distractions”

Return to the Scene of the Crime, But Free!

I’m back at my morning writing spot, the place where my laptop’s hard-drive died, peeking at the table where it happened. I’m not being all doomsday, or even nostalgic—someone else is sitting in the table: a man charging his cell phone and drinking something out of a paper bag. So I can’t sit there evenContinue reading “Return to the Scene of the Crime, But Free!”