17 & GONE Has a Blurb!

The ARCs (advance reading copies) of 17 & Gone have been released into the world… and lalala I am not letting myself be terrified. Instead I am simply letting myself be excited that I’m that much closer to my book coming out in March 2013. Closer! And now that I know the ARCs are outContinue reading “17 & GONE Has a Blurb!”

When the Book Stops Being Mine and Becomes Yours

I’m spending the month of August in limbo. Part of this is due to my Macbook breaking, which kind of derailed my plan to spend all of August offline at a café writing retreat of my own making, but I will restrain myself from complaining about that here. (And also, as of yesterday, E fixed itContinue reading “When the Book Stops Being Mine and Becomes Yours”

Post-Draft Delirium, Spring Previews, and the Two Sisters Reading My Book

I continue to put my all into revising 17 & Gone and I’m thrilled to say I finished my draft around midnight last night and then sent it in. My entire body ached. Every muscle. How this is even possible from sitting in various chairs (café chair, wheelie chair at writing space, wheelie chair atContinue reading “Post-Draft Delirium, Spring Previews, and the Two Sisters Reading My Book”

17 & GONE Cover and Plot Summary Revealed!

Will you strangle me if I write one of those giddy, long-winded blog posts authors sometimes write saying I have a new book cover to show you and then it takes, oh, 17 paragraphs to get to the actual cover and you just end up scrolling down to see it anyway? Don’t strangle me. IContinue reading “17 & GONE Cover and Plot Summary Revealed!”

Time Travel, a New Year, and No Apologies

Happy New Year! I spent the first part of 2012 going back in time, rereading and making edits to a book I first conceived in 2007, and wrote in 2008, and saw published in 2009. Fade Out (aka Dani Noir with a new face and new changes to the insides) will be coming out thisContinue reading “Time Travel, a New Year, and No Apologies”

The Title of My New Novel Revealed

For some time, if you’ve been reading this blog, you may have noticed that I’ve been hard at work on a secretive new novel. This was a novel that first started coming out of me when I was away from home, outside my real life. I still vividly remember writing its very first words (thenContinue reading “The Title of My New Novel Revealed”