On Deadlines (Oh, How I Love a Solid Deadline)

First off, in case I haven’t been talking about it enough and boring you with it, I have a deadline. You haven’t heard? So it’s November 1, and it’s the deadline to turn in the first official draft of my new novel to my new publisher. The book was sold on proposal, which means IContinue reading “On Deadlines (Oh, How I Love a Solid Deadline)”

Possible Excuses for Missing Deadline

My manuscript was stolen and I only just paid the ransom to get it back. I am allergic to revision and had to take antibiotics and wait for the swelling to go down. Bad spill. Can’t read revision notes. Grizzly bears / wild boars / rabid pigeons ate it. I had a finger injury andContinue reading “Possible Excuses for Missing Deadline”