The Writers You Admire

There are some writers I admire. By that I don’t mean writers who wrote books I love a lot—it goes beyond the books. I mean a writer I admire. A writer I look up to. I’ve noticed lately that the writers I admire in this way have some things in common: They’re always women. TheyContinue reading “The Writers You Admire”

Dear Sugar Revealed and How I Guessed Who She Was

As so many of you know by now (maybe in part because I’ve been feverishly tweeting about it), the writer of the brilliant, beautiful, wise, and often gut-wrenching anonymous column “Dear Sugar” on the Rumpus was revealed at her coming-out party in San Francisco last night. I wish I’d been there to cheer her on.Continue reading “Dear Sugar Revealed and How I Guessed Who She Was”