The Very First Djerassi YA Novel Workshop and Retreat

Earlier this month, you could find me high up in the Santa Cruz mountains of Northern California, not so far from San Francisco, at a beautiful artists’ sanctuary called the Djerassi Resident Artists Program. I was gifted a writing residency there once before, in 2012, but my visit this month was to share my loveContinue reading “The Very First Djerassi YA Novel Workshop and Retreat”

Workshop and Retreat with Me: Applications Due October 18!

Now that it’s October, I thought I’d post once more about my Djerassi Writes YA novel workshop and retreat this coming February in the mountains of Woodside, California… and remind anyone who might be considering that applications are due next week, October 18! (Quick link: APPLY ONLINE.) What will the week be like? (Spoiler: IContinue reading “Workshop and Retreat with Me: Applications Due October 18!”

YA Novel Workshop & Retreat in Northern California

Have you ever wanted to take a workshop from me… in person? Plus have retreat time to write new work in a beautiful location where other artists go to create? Plus, eat delicious food from an incredible chef (not me! I can’t cook!)? I am excited to tell you that THIS is happening and applicationsContinue reading “YA Novel Workshop & Retreat in Northern California”

Inside an Artist Colony

What happens at an artist colony? I keep getting asked this, and each one is different, but here at the Djerassi Resident Artists Program in the northern California mountains I’ll give you a small peek of what happens: You must apply to get in, and international artists of many disciplines can apply, so right nowContinue reading “Inside an Artist Colony”

My Muse at the Artist Colony

Today, I: Worked feverishly—and will continue to work—on something due in to my publisher this week. Attempted to cook myself tofu for lunch and dinner and set off the smoke detector in the house kitchen. Awesome. See? I can barely survive without Thai takeout. Finished the amazing new novel by my friend Cat Clarke: Torn,Continue reading “My Muse at the Artist Colony”