Writer-to-Writer Interview + Book Giveaway: Amy Garvey and COLD KISS

Hey there. Do you love to slip into a piece of good writing? Take a peek at this: …I loved him. I loved him so much that I couldn’t see anything else for a while. Danny filled the cracks inside me, blotted out the cold, empty places in the world. It didn’t take long beforeContinue reading “Writer-to-Writer Interview + Book Giveaway: Amy Garvey and COLD KISS”

Author Interview & Book Giveaway: Amy Reed and “CLEAN”

Book Giveaway! There is a novel that has long been on my “Books I Love” list—a stunning debut novel by Amy Reed. I fell in love with Beautiful, it absolutely spoke to me, and when I heard that Amy had a new book coming out this summer I gathered up my courage and emailed herContinue reading “Author Interview & Book Giveaway: Amy Reed and “CLEAN””

All My Secrets Revealed in One Place

My tour has ended. I’m home at last. Oh, wait… I never left. But my Imaginary Girls blog tour came to an end, and I revealed all the secrets I’m willing to set free in public. There are more, but I’m keeping them close for now. (Maybe for forever.) If you missed any of myContinue reading “All My Secrets Revealed in One Place”