Writing in Retrospect and Talking in Front of People

This week I visited the Highlights Foundation in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, which is a retreat center for children’s and YA writers, to be a special guest speaker at a Whole Novel Workshop. My task was to do a lecture on something craft-related (my choice), something hopefully inspiring, and then the next day read from my upcomingContinue reading “Writing in Retrospect and Talking in Front of People”

Libba Bray: Haunted at 17

My new novel, 17 & Gone, comes out this week on March 21, and to mark the release of this story about a 17-year-old girl haunted by the missing, I’ve asked some authors I know to join me in answering this question… What haunted YOU at 17? Here’s Libba Bray revealing her disturbing fears when sheContinue reading “Libba Bray: Haunted at 17”

Halloween Horror Guest Post: What Scares Libba Bray

(Design & illustration by Robert Roxby) By Libba Bray There are few things I love more than a good scare. Wait, before you sneak up behind me and grab my neck, let me clarify: I don’t mean scared in the sense of, “Wait, did I forget to file my taxes?” or “What’s that spot on myContinue reading “Halloween Horror Guest Post: What Scares Libba Bray”