Another Reason Why You Want a (Good) Agent

I know I’m sort of a poster child for getting my first book deal without an agent, and I know I’ve talked before about why I’m so grateful to have an agent now, but I wanted to point out one more reason why getting an agent, a good agent, can help you in more waysContinue reading “Another Reason Why You Want a (Good) Agent”

Agent Appreciation Day!

I am taking a break from my regularly scheduled angsting and deadline-driven antisocial behavior to join in Agent Appreciation Day and say a public thank-you to the person who’s making my dreams come true! About seven-and-a-half months ago I found an agent. That whirlwind day was captured in this breathless blog post where I wasContinue reading “Agent Appreciation Day!”

The Day Literary Agents Go Extinct…

…is the day I am in Big Trouble. So there was an alarming post in Galley Cat yesterday—and I was happy to wake up this morning and see my agency’s response here on their blog. I like this especially: At the risk of sounding self-serving, every serious author needs an agent. Not just any agent,Continue reading “The Day Literary Agents Go Extinct…”

Awkward Elevator Moments: Literary Agent Edition

It’s an especially auspicious start to your day at your office job when you run into a literary agent who rejected you on the elevator. When introduced, hope he does not recognize your name, smile, and say simply, “It’s nice to meet you.” Do not say, “Why didn’t you give my novel a chance?” orContinue reading “Awkward Elevator Moments: Literary Agent Edition”