Nina LaCour: Haunted at 17

My new novel, 17 & Gone, is now out in stores (!!!), and to mark the release of this story about a 17-year-old girl haunted by the missing, I’ve asked some authors I know to join me in answering this question… What haunted YOU at 17? Here’s Nina LaCour revealing the paralyzing fear she faced the yearContinue reading “Nina LaCour: Haunted at 17”

Writer-to-Writer Interview + Book Giveaway: Nina LaCour and THE DISENCHANTMENTS

This new Writer-to-Writer Interview with Nina LaCour touches on novel inspirations, writing boy narrators, tackling second novels, and so much more about her beautiful new YA novel, The Disenchantments (Dutton, 2/16/12).  I can’t tell you enough how much I admire the author I’m interviewing today. I first discovered Nina LaCour’s debut novel, the stunning Hold Still, soonContinue reading “Writer-to-Writer Interview + Book Giveaway: Nina LaCour and THE DISENCHANTMENTS”

Guest Post: A Ghost Story from Nina LaCour

(Design & illustration by Robert Roxby) By Nina LaCour, author of HOLD STILL I teach high school part-time, and one of the classes I teach is Gothic Literature to juniors and seniors. Early in the semester, I give my students an assignment to bring in a scary story. We close the curtains and light candles inContinue reading “Guest Post: A Ghost Story from Nina LaCour”