Emotional Moment

I am trying to edit my manuscript, but I keep getting emotional—because of this.

I’ve said before I’m not a member of a political party. I’m just me. The first time I ever voted in my life was for Gore—and he lost. The second time I ever voted in my life was for Kerry—and he won, or so I thought, but the courts said he lost. I voted for them mainly because I didn’t want the other guy to win and because there really wasn’t another viable choice, but yesterday I voted for the third time ever in my life for someone I really believed could change this country. I was voting for someone, not against someone else. After I pulled my lever for Barack Obama I stepped out from behind the curtain, beaming. I spent the rest of the day more calm than nervous—until the polls closed and the states started getting called for red or blue and then I was a wreck of nerves. Like so many, I was glued to the TV set, not ready to say he won even after he got Pennsylvania, then Ohio (!). E came home from teaching and was here when the clock hit eleven and CNN called it for Obama. I couldn’t keep it together—I’ve never felt this emotional over politics in this country, never.

Barack Obama is our next president!

This morning, I checked the news sites immediately, afraid they would take it back, the way they did last election. But it is real, it happened! It actually happened.

I am worried about the outcome of Prop. 8 in California, though.

But altogether, after last night, I feel… yes, you know: hopeful.

So I am here, editing my manuscript, or trying to. I am at the café sitting beneath a photo of our president elect. There is so much stress going on in our lives—E and I are worried over many things that I won’t go into here, and we don’t know what to do—but there is this. We will not be looking to leave the country. We’re staying! I have so much hope for the future right now.


This is not a political blog and it’s not about to become one. But I will say this: If you are an American citizen caught up in this election storm, please consider voting for Barack Obama this November 4. Why?

I am not a registered member of a political party, not even the Democratic Party—I think my views are far too left even for that. But I will be voting for Obama with great excitement, and great responsibility for the future, this November.

Women far more articulate than I have laid out reasons worth reading, women such as Michelle Fabio, Stephanie Kuehnert, and Gloria Steinem. I wanted to be voting for a woman in this election, but vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is not that woman—please visit Women Against Sarah Palin for nonpartisan views of why she cannot be supported.

Election ads cannot be trusted, on both sides—so seek out some truth on FactCheck.org.

If you are not registered to vote please register as soon as possible—the cut-off dates are fast approaching. This is an election worth voting in. This election cannot be ignored.

I’m sorry to break out of my usual mold, but the fear of losing my rights and seeing this country go even more off the deep end than it is now under the current administration is too much to ignore. It’s a wonder I’m able to write my novel at all. And now back to our regularly scheduled programming about a struggling fiction writer who selfishly thinks only of herself and how hard it is to be a writer with a day job wah-wah-wah, woe is me, you know, the usual.

p.s. Vote!