Quick Book Updates in SEVENS Because I Like the Number Seven

ONE My very last ARC and bookmark giveaway is still open. You can enter to win a signed ARC (advance reading copy) of Imaginary Girls—and I’m also giving away a bunch of bookmarks, too. Just leave a comment on this post and you’re entered, simple as that. And if you tell me you have aContinue reading “Quick Book Updates in SEVENS Because I Like the Number Seven”

Tunnels, Novels, and Pajamas

Right now, my novel looks like this: I know, soon, there will be that exciting moment where my middle connects with my end, and the light floods in, and I’ll be able to see my feet before my face, and I’m itching for that because I can barely see a thing now. Are we thereContinue reading “Tunnels, Novels, and Pajamas”