There is one thing—well, a few things… but here’s just one—that I’m often asked about The Walls Around Us, and it’s about the books mentioned within the story. The books that appear in the library of the Aurora Hills Secure Juvenile Detention Center. The books that Amber wheels around on her book cart to each ofContinue reading “The Books of THE WALLS AROUND US”


My new book, The Walls Around Us, was published today! I would be so thrilled and honored if you considered buying it this week from your favorite independent bookstore or ordering it through your local library—first-week sales do help authors so much, that’s the truth. But most of all, however you may get your handsContinue reading “What THE WALLS AROUND US Means to Me”

What’s Happening with THE WALLS AROUND US

I wanted to share some things. My new novel, The Walls Around Us, comes out in March, which is getting closer and closer, and if you want to get a taste of the book—and this is a good, long taste—my publisher has just released a seven-chapter extended preview of the book… and you can download itContinue reading “What’s Happening with THE WALLS AROUND US”

The Calm Before the Who-Knows-What: 110 Days to Publication

I write this to you from a quiet moment in my publishing life. It is December 5, the year 2014, and I am in the room at the rear of the café at a table beside the outlet where I can safely sit with my back against a wall. I am all alone in aContinue reading “The Calm Before the Who-Knows-What: 110 Days to Publication”

More About the Cover of THE WALLS AROUND US

I am thrilled to share the gorgeous cover of my new novel, The Walls Around Us, which was revealed on Tumblr Books (the first-ever cover reveal by Tumblr!) on August 4! Here it is, and this author couldn’t be happier: This is a novel about killer ballerinas, a girls’ juvenile detention center, and yes, ghosts.Continue reading “More About the Cover of THE WALLS AROUND US”

Teasing Excerpts from THE WALLS AROUND US

Tomorrow—Monday, August 4!—my new book cover will be revealed on, and in the meantime, my publisher Algonquin has been sharing little teasers from the book, to hint at some secrets and to hopefully draw you in… Here are all the teasers my wonderful publisher has shared on Tumblr (each image links to the originalContinue reading “Teasing Excerpts from THE WALLS AROUND US”