Naked, Exhausted, Lost My Shoes

Day—what is this… Day 3?—without Twitter and Facebook was a great success. Everyone in this chapter got naked. Pages spilled out of me. What I thought was one chapter is now apparently two. I’m so happy with it, I could cry.

That’s all. Crawling home now. Where are my shoes?

Of Course This Happens the Week I Can’t Log in to Twitter or Facebook

Don’t you love it when you take a public vow to stay off social-networking sites and on day 2 of your great show of restraint you get the fantastic news that your book was listed on’s Editors’ Picks of the “Top 10 Children’s Books: Middle Readers” for 2009?

That actually happened today. Really. Here’s the list… scroll down to number 10!

But I can’t tell everyone on Twitter and Facebook! What timing do I have or what? If you don’t tweet something, did it even happen?

Don’t worry. I know this is a test. You can’t make me log in, Twitter!

I won’t do it.

Not even to tweet that!

(Oh, Twitter, I miss you soooooo much!)

So… anyway… I’m feeling pretty good this week. Feeling good about my novel. Feeling good about recent choices. Feeling good about certain people. Recent bouts of insecurity are being buried. I keep stomping them down like that time I killed the giant cockroach that was terrorizing us when I worked at Penguin. I used an empty trash can and my feet. That thing was enormous! I felt very brave.

Went to sleep last night and while drifting off I had a *MOMENT* thinking about one of the characters in the novel I’m writing now. You know those moments. I was half-asleep, so comfortable, but I had to climb down out of the loft bed and go into the next room for pen and paper to write some stuff down. Love it when that happens.

I am also getting excited about these ideas for new tween novels that I’m working on… just nervous to show my husband and my agent. In my head, the ideas have potential… hope they hold up.

One last thing: I’ve started my new writing routine today. Some of my friends know. One of my writer friends sent me an email and this was the subject line:


Love it. Love her!

Back to writing.

Nearing the End of My First Full Day without Twitter*

Just got home from a writing date with a fellow writer at a local café—fun! I hope we can keep doing that. It keeps me honest.

Soon as I got home I would have tweeted this, but alas, I’ll have to blog it instead:

Goal 1 during Twittercation was to finish this chapter I’ve been struggling over. Guess what? Wrote to the end 2day! Twitter-free is working

That’s 140 characters, exactly. Can’t stop myself, can I?

So I can *almost* cross something off my list. Really my chapter isn’t done till I do a few little things to it. (See the post where I confess to my senseless first-draft method.) But I’m getting closer!

And others are joining in the Twitter Break Nov. 1-7 too: Here’s a great post from Karen Mahoney. She says:

I’m officially on Twitter Break November 1-7. Authors Nova Ren Suma and Suzanne Young came up with the idea of a one-week Twitter recess to kickstart productivity for the month of November. I am joining in with lots of other writers who have faced the sad fact of their growing Twitter addiction. (“My name is Karen, and I am a Twit.”) I’m sure we’ll all be back on the 8th with LOTS to tweet about, but for one week I’ll be revising, reading, writing and blogging. The blogging won’t change! I’m not that strong. *g* Day One Twitter-free, and I’m happy to report no withdrawal symptoms at all. We’ll see what happens later in the week…

I love that. So… here goes: My name is Nova, and I am a Twit.

(So ashamed.)

* And I am still breathing.

My First Twitterless Morning

What’s going on? I’m on Twitter Break Nov. 1-7.

To hear my original confession and Twitter-free vow (and to join me if you feel you need to), see this daring announcement.

And check out Suz’s post. As she says:

Would you like to join this Twittercation? Do it! You can! I know you’re strong enough. Sure, will the yahoo headlines still tempt you? Will blogs somehow become your only lifeline to the outside world? Maybe. But you can beat them. You can beat the internet beast and finish your work!!!

If you’d like to join, find us on Twitter and feel free (pun intended) to blog about it! This is going to be the most productive week ever. I might even have time to clean my house!!!

Yay, Suz! Maybe I’ll clean my apartment too.

And others are joining us! Check out Jessica Capelle’s post as she jumps in to NaNoWriMo! Go, Jessica!

* * *

As for me… How am I holding up? Any withdrawal symptoms yet? Well, let’s just say E did not have to board me up in the bedroom with cans of soup, water, and a puke bucket last night. I’m perfectly fine without Twitter (and Facebook), so far.

I ended up going dark earlier than expected, since yesterday was Halloween, so I guess sometime this afternoon it’ll be 24 hours. I haven’t written a word of my novel yet, but the morning is still new.

I didn’t write last night after locking myself out of Twitter for a week, but something a little magical did happen. I got up the courage to tell E the idea for my next YA novel, book #2 on my contract, which no one on the planet has heard about yet. And he liked it! It’s all so flimsy and hazy right now—and it’s for the future, since I have to finish this book first—but I saw it so clearly, clearer than I have in a long time. Maybe I think better when I’m not constantly tweeting the inane details of my life.

These are my writing goals for my Twitterless, Facebookless, (also workless) week:

  1. Finish this chapter
  2. Write a whole other chapter
  3. Complete the drafts of at least two pitches for new tween novels
  4. STAY OFF TWITTER, no matter what it takes

We have one week without all that noise in our heads. What are your plans?

Twitter Break November 1-7, 2009


Twitter is a beautiful, dangerous thing. If you use Twitter—really use Twitter—you know what I mean. It’s interactive. It’s fun. It keeps you in constant contact with people all over the world, not like you need to be in constant contact with people all over the world, but you can be, and so why not be! On Twitter, you can learn up-to-the-second news not even on the news sites. Or rumors, which are even better. You can find out what your literary agent had for breakfast. You can spy on friends and enemies, keep tabs on cute boys, stalk celebrities, discuss all the many places in New York City to buy a cupcake, and discover, if you dare to, just exactly what your coworkers are thinking on the other side of that cubicle wall.

Oh, for authors there are professional reasons to be on Twitter, too. Yeah yeah yeah, you can promote your book and stuff. You can connect with editors and agents and librarians and bookstore owners and book reviewers and prospective readers—and especially with other writers. If used properly, and in moderation, Twitter is a wonderful tool many authors make great use of.

Good for them.

Me? I’ve been known to spend an hour discussing cupcakes when I should be writing chapter 8.

Fact is, I love you, Twitter.

I love you so much, I have to quit you. At least for a little while.

See… there’s this little old manuscript I just shook up my whole life to have some more time to focus on. It is—no exaggeration—the most important thing I’ve ever written, ever, and I have a contract that says it’s due in three months. And so I sit down to write and what do I do? TWEET RANDOM NOTHINGNESS AT RANDOM PEOPLE.


I am beginning to think that Twitter kills novels—or let’s say the chances are that Twitter could kill 1 out of 1,000,000 novels, then mine might be the unlucky 1 killed dead, and I will not, I CANNOT let that happen.

So I’m taking a break—the first step toward tweeting like a grown-up.

This is why Suzanne Young—the author of the upcoming deliciously naughty Razorbill novel The Naughty List—and I have decided to face our shared addiction head on. We will be on Twitter Recess from November 1 through November 7 and we’re calling on other writers to join us. We can’t be the only ones with this problem. Hey, did you hear Twitter kills novels? Don’t prove it true!

So if you think you have a problem too, why not do it with us? Stay off Twitter for a week. Have some restraint. Your novel will love you for it.

November 1-7 may well turn out to be the most prolific week of our entire lives. We may just look back on this week and perhaps we’ll miss what everyone had for breakfast, and probably we won’t be able to discuss vampire soap operas with random strangers, and maybe all the editors of the publishing universe will reveal all their secrets they never tell writers and we’ll be missing out… but oh the pages we’ll write!

Stay tuned for updates on being Twitter Free. And check in with Suzanne Young too, help us stay strong! (Cupcake deliveries accepted; email me for my mailing address.)

Oh, and p.s., we’re staying off Facebook too.

Are you with me? Leave a comment with your Twitter name so I know how to find you.

Are you not with me? Tweet away. Just please try not to be too interesting while I’m gone.

Wish me luck,